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Why Sponsor WellPlanet Project?

Leaving a legacy! WellPlanet Project is positioned to be an industry leader in CO2 Capture & Sequestration, which means we are part of the solution to mitigating climate change. Our sponsors will help us to achieve that goal faster and more effectively than any other route. 

The US Government has positioned itself to support our exact business model in the form of a tax credit. Specifically, the 45q tax credit which offers a maximum of $180 per tonne for CO2 direct air capture & sequestration. This tax credit was created specifically to help companies in our model to raise the capital necessary to build the facilities. 

How the Investment Works

First, a Limited Flip Partnership is created that allows investors to write-off their investment toward passive income losses. Then, when the CO2 sequestration is completed, the investor will receive a $180 tax credit for every $100 they invested.

The minimum investment to take advantage of this tax credit is $100,000.

Our team is here to help walk you through each step of the process and to ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your investment. 

Additional Incentives

  • Our investors may sponsor specific elements of our facility.
  • Sponsored areas will feature an engraved plaque thanking investors.
  • Our office building’s entry will feature a Founder’s wall of engraved plaques thanking our investors.
  • Investors will receive stock options to thank them for investing.


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