Eat Your Vegetables, Save the World?

Mar 31, 2022Carbon Capture, CO2 Toxicity, Environment0 comments

Can Saving the World be as Simple as Eating Your Vegetables?

Did you ever think you were saving the world when you had to finish your vegetables at the dinner table as a kid? It may have been fun to imagine that those carrots that you had to eat were power sticks to recharge your superpowers or that broccoli would make you fly. A child’s imagination can get them through anything, but it may not have been much of a stretch to think that what you eat can help make the world a better place.

You may not have been doing it with laser eyes like Superman or with webs like Spider-Man, but eating vegetables can have significant benefits for yourself and the planet. As climate change continues to lead to animal extinction, harsher water conditions, and more troubling weather, it’s now more than ever that we could use a superhero like you.

There are many different types of fruits and vegetables to choose from, and they all have their distinct health benefits. You can find plenty of vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes in delicious fruits, like oranges, apples, and bananas. Even vegetables, such as broccoli, green beans, and squash, can provide you with essential nutrients to improve your immune system and bone health, among other benefits.

Most of all, fruits and vegetables are a great source of dietary fiber. A high fiber diet has been proven to lower your chances for digestive problems, cardiovascular complications, and obesity. Try to add fruit to your cereal or zucchini to your pasta for a better you and a better planet! The health benefits and recipes are endless!

Whether you have fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables is entirely up to you. Both provide essential vitamins and minerals, but in some cases, frozen products have proven to preserve their vitamins even more! Either way, the numbers are comparable, so go with what’s the freshest and most delicious option for you.

You’re breathing more life into our planet with the vegetables and fruit that you plant and grow.

You can even do yourself one better and start planting your own fruits and vegetables. Growing fruits and vegetables can lower your carbon footprint and help fight climate change. There are even therapeutic benefits to planting a garden, such as reducing stress and getting some exercise. You’ll have just the right amount of food you need at your disposal.

By plating your own garden, you would also be cutting out the middleman: the delivery truck! Buying locally grown products or growing them yourself can save travel time for you and those who supply these goods to big chain stores. On top of that, you’ll be saving money on gas, and your food bill will go down. Who doesn’t need some lower bills in this economy, right?

Does all of this mean that you should cut out all meat and dairy products from your diet to save the planet? Of course not! You are just as vital to our ecosystem as anyone else. Selecting the healthiest protein options can benefit you and the earth. Chicken often has a lower carbon footprint than other meat products, and poultry has many overall health benefits.

Poultry and all types of meat are excellent protein sources, which can keep you feeling fuller longer. Chicken contains high protein levels and a moderate amount of fat, making it a perfect addition to an overall balanced diet. Because of its nutritional makeup, chicken can also help control your, so add some lean chicken to your plate of vegetables for a more satisfying meal.

You shouldn’t feel you should have to skip that steak altogether or have to cut out your favorite chicken nuggets. We are a part of this planet just as much as every other animal, so we deserve to enjoy the delicious food it provides. Still, if you add some more fruits and vegetables to your diet, you’ll be fighting for a better you and a better planet!

We all have heard it from James Earl Jones: “We are all connected in the great circle of life.” There is no truer statement to describe how the world works. We can all live in harmony by fueling our bodies with the healthiest food that we can find. Our role as human beings can become even more vital to the planet if we make healthier and more environmentally friendly decisions, such as those mentioned above.

Do you want to be even more of a superhero? Be a part of the solution!

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