Mother Nature Needs a Health Potion, Like Yesterday!

Apr 21, 2022Carbon Capture, Environment, Green Energy0 comments

How Energy Storage can give mother nature an extra lifeline.

Video games remain a regular staple within our digital world. Video games build on the principles: we can all work together as a team to solve complex and daunting problems. Being a gamer creates a safe space where ordinary people can rise and become the hero in their journey regardless of gender, age, ability, and social class. Heroes don’t just happen overnight; they are created by facing challenges and refusing to give up. In our real world, we face a terrifying monster, the global warming crisis. Too much carbon dioxide (CO2) in our atmosphere and water is what leads to global warming. Luckily there are ways we can level up our efforts of healing the weakened environment. Using energy storage practices, we can give planet earth a much-needed health potion.

70% of our oxygen comes from the ocean.

In elementary school, most of us learned that humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, and plants and trees soak up carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. However, the problem is the amount of CO2 in our planet’s ecosystem. With the current levels of CO2, it is not toxic for humans or animals that live above water at the moment. But these high CO2 levels are detrimental to our ocean friends like shellfish, coral reefs, and many other marine organisms. 70% of our oxygen comes from the ocean. So for our human sake and our ocean friends, we need to find ways to save the ocean. One possible solution is to use more energy storage practices.

What is Energy Storage?

Energy storage is the process of capturing energy at one time and saving it for later – think rechargeable batteries. Every year CO2 levels continue to rise at an alarming rate because of human actions such as producing electricity by burning fossil fuels. Capturing and storing green energy produced from wind and solar is one way to help balance the planet’s high CO2 levels, therefore, giving mother nature a resource pack to fight against the climate change crisis.

How can Energy Storage save our planet?

Capturing and storing electricity produced by solar and wind would reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere from burning fossil fuels to produce electricity. Less atmospheric CO2 means less stress on the ocean to absorb CO2, which will prevent further damage. Using energy storage will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce the global dependency on fossil fuels- which we know have a horrendous effect on the planet. According to the Energy Storage Association, “energy storage can help integrate more solar, wind, and distributed energy resources. It can also improve the efficiency of the grid – increasing the capacity factor of existing resources – and offset the need for building new pollution-emitting peak power plants.” The less dependency we have on fossil fuels, the better for establishing a sustainable world for future generations to enjoy.

One of the biggest concerns regarding stored energy is the types of batteries being used such as lithium, which can be costly in terms of the environment. Fortunately, organizations such as Energy Vault are already putting on their capes for the planet. Its mission is focused on creating innovative and economical energy storage technologies – such as the one pictured here. Yes, it looks like a giant construction crane but in reality, it is the world’s largest gravity-driven battery. This was their first design, which is currently in use in Switzerland. This one battery is able to store several Gigawatts of electricity and deliver it in a manner that is more stable than solar or wind power. The new designs look like a large warehouse from the outside but on the inside, there is a network of cranes similar to the one pictured here.

Be a hero! Be part of the solution!


The overall goal, aka life objective, is to use energy storage technologies and other decarbonization practices to recuse our planet. If we continue to use energy storage efforts, we will be able to recharge up the earth’s game life bar. We are giving mother nature a fighting chance of survival! On top of that, energy storage practices continue to advance the efforts of creating an overall clean energy future—a future where humans, land animals, and sea creatures thrive.

WellPlanet Project is stepping up to the call of duty and becoming one of the various heroes: those willing to put in the work to save our beautiful planet. One of the WellPlanet Project’s missions is to build a facility that captures CO2 directly from the air and permanently removes it by placing it in a deep underground geologic storage. This facility will remove as much CO2 as 400 million trees every year.

Check out how you can get involved and transform the world into a better place. Make sure to stay up to date with WellPlanet Project’s progress on:

The planet is calling for all heroes like yourself to assemble and rescue mother nature -simply before it is too late. Do your part by learning what you can do to reduce carbon dioxide. Talk to your friends, loved ones, and coworkers and share your thoughts about the problem. But most importantly, think about how you can use your skills to battle the climate change crisis. Heroes, it is time to assemble!